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Biblical Poetry of Same-Gender Loving Relationships

The Hebrew Bible contains some exquisitely beautiful poetry in celebration of same-gender loving relationships. It has been known to theologians and biblical scholars for centuries but the minds of people were blinded by all our modern rancor about “homosexuality.” The biblical authors were more nuanced than is often recognized. They could condemn abusive behaviour and at the same time celebrate deep loving and devoted relationships in the most beautiful ways. Take for instance the famous Davidic dirge over Jonathan killed in battle.
    I grieve for you, 

    My brother Jonathan,
    You were most dear to me.
    Your love was wonderful to me

    More than the love of women. (2Sam 1:26)
This is a JPS Tanakh translation, the nicest English translation of this verse I could find. But there could hardly be a translation which would do justice to the beauty and gentleness of the original Hebrew poetry. It is a marvelous expression of the grief and deep love of a gay man. How could it be? Was David not a well-known biblical womanizer? Do not forget that the biblical David is a literary figure! As such, the biblical David is composed of many and divergent, often contradictory, strands of oral tradition. The Bible is like a broad mosaic which depicts human experiences in all their complex diversity. This particular part of the biblical mosaic is a beautiful celebration of deep and committed same-gender relationships.
    David’s poem is not the only example of same-gender biblical poetry. There is also a well-known description of the relationship of Naomi and Ruth (1:16+17). And this Sunday I would like to take us to the book of Ecclesiastes (4:9-12) for yet another special poetic celebration of the same-gender committed relationships.

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