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This Blog is named after an ancient gnoseological riddle which hints hidden, disseminated, omnipresent wisdom.
I invite you to search, listen and observe with me for "the word of tree, whisper of stone, and humming together of the abyss and stars."


Divine pyromaniac

Is it possible that our God is a pyromaniac?
   Well there certainly are some strong indications. When you read the Bible, you can hardly escape the impression that our Judeo-Chirstian God has a special weakness for fire. So many divine revelations and pivotal moments are accompanied with fiery displays.
    Moses is called at the burning bush. Judge Gideon, a charismatic leader, is called by an angel with a fiery show, in a similar manner the birth of Samson, another charismatic freedom fighter, is accompanied also with a flame display. And in the New Testament, the Church is called into existence with a flame show.
    There could be many other examples of theophanies (divine appearances) accompanied by or associated with fire, here I have picked only a few instances of people being called to the divine ministry of deliverance and justice. This call to promote justice is the other and even more important aspect of the divine pyromania, not only a mere presence of fire, but the use of fire as a symbol of freedom, liberation and justice - and this fire burns, but is not consumed or exhausted, it burns in prophets’ bones until the tasks are finished.
    So here you have it - God certainly resembles a pyromaniac of freedom and Pentecost is a marvelous holiday to be reminded of it. And unlike so much old-age Christian theologizing which would like to reserve the Holy Spirit only for the New Testament and domesticate her only for Christian circles - the true divine flame shines brightly in the Hebrew Bible and burns powerfully within as well as without pious enclaves - everywhere where justice and freedom are sought and striven for. This Pentecost we will see how fiery divine Spirit called, inspired and empowered Gideon.

On the accompanying picture above is Yanartaş (Flaming Rock) in Turkey - in ancient times called Mount Chimera. Natural gas comes all the way to the surface and burns with bright flame. A similar, although smaller, geological wonder can be found right in NY State just south of Buffalo where natural gas from a shale formation comes to surface and burns in a small cave right behind a waterfall (two pictures below). There has never been any doubt that there is a high volume of natural gas under large parts of NYS. I prefer seeing or even protecting these small geological wonders before the countryside devastated by fracking and danger of a runaway global warming. These little natural flames should continue to burn, but the brunt of fossil fuels must stay in ground to prevent irreparable damage to our environment! Thankfully NYS recently banned fracking, but elsewhere it is allowed continues destruction of environment and CO2 pollution of the global atmosphere.

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