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This Blog is named after an ancient gnoseological riddle which hints hidden, disseminated, omnipresent wisdom.
I invite you to search, listen and observe with me for "the word of tree, whisper of stone, and humming together of the abyss and stars."


Gospel Singing Bowl

Come to celebrate with us the Good News of Easter. This year we will take a new cutting edge approach founded in the modern as well as postmodern biblical exegesis. It is a mouthful description, I know, but behind it is actually a quite simple concept. Imagine the Gospel as a singing bowl and the Easter story as a wooden mallet.
    Too often and in many churches the Easter story gets separated from the Gospel and on its own it makes as much sense as a wooden mallet without singing bowl; separated in this way it can actually make more spiritual harm than good. Fundamentalists can provide ample examples of fixation on the gushing blood or supranatural physicality (note the contradiction) of resurrection and empty tomb.
    This year at Rutgers we will take the mystical, postmodern approach and allow some nontraditional gospel texts ring with the good news of Easter. Join us this Good Friday evening and Easter Sunday morning as we take the Easter story, circle it round and round the Gospel and allow the Gospel, some of its unusual passages, to reverberate and resonate, ring and sing its surprising and powerful Easter Message.

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